• Use SSP To Track Multiple Quizzes and Courses

    Have you ever wanted to have a course where you can track both the progression of the course and a quiz at the same time? Or maybe track multiple quizzes at the same time?

    When you publish Articulate to LMS, you essentially track a single element within a course. So if you have a presentation with three embedded Quizmaker quizzes in Presenter, you can only track one of those quizzes or the number of slides viewed in the presentation.

    However there is a way to publish each quiz separately but have them within the same SCORM file so that the user moves from one quiz to another within the same trackable course. Technically, you build separate SCO elements and place them within a single SCORM package.

    Now putting SCOs together and editing the imsmanifest file can be a challenge. Dave Mozealous pointed to a reasonably accessible technique to repackage Articulate content to multiple scos using Dreamweaver and the “Manifest Maker” plugin. But you need Dreamweaver and judging from some of the comments, it is not always as easy as one would like.

    This is where the Simple Scorm Packager comes in. JCA Solutions’ Simple Scorm Packager is the sort of product that fits in great with Articulate software. It is easy to use, intuitive and it works. And they even use Articulate Engage interactions to walk through their software!

    A JCA Solutions Media Tour Engage Interaction of SSP.
    Click to see in full screen.

    This tool enables you to do what other tools can do but without all the programming and complexity. You’ll need to buy the $99.00 software (there is a fully functional trial available) but you don’t need Dreamweaver or any other software. Plus it is very easy.

    I had my first multi-sco Articulate SCORM package up and running on my test LMS at my second attempt (forgot to publish to LMS in my first attempt!).


    Below is an example of a multiple quiz course in Docebo. Go through the course (there are only two or three slides in each) and click the Continue tab. That will automatically launch the first quiz. Finish the quiz and that will then automatically launch another presentation with an embedded quiz. Finish the quiz and you find yourself in an Engage interaction. Finish that and you start a final quiz…. all within the same course. You can follow your progression on the left of the screen.

    You can either create your own login to the Docebo LMS (you’ll need to register and confirm your registration via email) or you can login with a Username: “test” and a password: “test”.

    Choose or subscribe to the “Multiple Sco” course, select “Course” and then “Multi Sco Project With Articulate”.

    If you use the test login, you’ll probably see other people’s attempts but you can at least get some questions wrong and see how the element is shown to be incomplete.

    View Multi-Sco Course in LMS

    How do you do it?

    Before you even start installing the Simple SCORM Packager”, you can prepare your Articulate files that you want to be grouped together into a single SCORM course.

    1. Create a folder where you will place all the individual trackable courses, and presentations.
    2. Open each presentation and quiz and publish to LMS (choose SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 depending on your own LMS) and make sure that the Publish Location Folder is the folder you specified in Step 1.
    3. Do NOT zip up your LMS files.

    4. When you have published everything to your folder, you should find a series of sub-folders, each containing one of your Articulate LMS packages.

    You are now ready to use SSP.

    1. If you haven’t done so already, download the trial of Simple Scorm Packager here. (You’ll need to register on the site first).
    2. Open the program and simply follow the instructions.

    JCA Solutions have created their own Engage interaction outlining the process to use the Simple SCORM Packager. You can view it here:

    To make it easier, I have recorded a Screenr capture which is in two parts.

    Be sure to open the Screenr to full screen so that you can see exactly what is happening.


    Using SSP to create a Multi Sco Articulate Package – Part 1

    In this first part, you’ll see how I prepared three sample Articulate courses and then started the process of merging them into a single SCORM course.

    View on your phone


    Using SSP to create a Multi Sco Articulate Package – Part 2

    In this second part, you’ll see me uploading them to the Docebo test LMS and viewing the final course.

    View on your phone


    If you want to test my files created with SSP on your own LMS, you can download them here.



    • I tested with SCORM 2004 3rd edition with Docebo. You’ll need to choose the correct format for your own LMS.
    • This tool is compatible with any SCORM compatible software so you can mix content from different tools in the same SCORM package.
    • This will not work with Articulate Online. See this article for a workaround on tracking multiple quizzes in Articulate Online.
    • I don’t have any contacts with JCA Solutions! I used the trial version to produce the above demos.

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  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for this!

    It’s just what I was looking for. However (and maybe I’m missing something very obvious), I’m tripped up with the Continue button in the top right of the player that allows you to seamlessly navigate between SCOs. Is this something you added yourself with custom code?

    I know SCORM 2004 allows this seamless navigation between SCOs and is associated with the “adl.nav.request” call… But I don’t know how to implement this code in Articulate.

    Also, did you have to change the branching for the last slide in each quiz? Should they be set on “Finish” or “Default”?

    Advice is welcome! I urgently need this in a project (of course :) ).

    Thank you again!

    • daveperso says:

      Hi Sarah, Sorry to take time to get back to you on this. I guess your project is finished by now. That Continue button is just a renamed Exit button. When you exit one SCO, Docebo just moves onto the next SCO (Articulate presentation in this case). It made more sense for that button to read Continue than Exit so I just edited the Text Label in the Player Templates in Articulate Presenter. There is no branching at the end. I hope that answers both your questions. Regards

  3. Sylvie says:


    Will it work when I have one presentation and multiple quizz embedded and not separate published filesd files ?


    • daveperso says:

      Hi Sylvie, no it won’t. You can only track one quiz per presentation. If you want to track multiple quizzes, you would need to create separate presentations or quizzes or use the system in this article to create a multiple SCO presentation. Cordialement

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi again, Dave,

    Thanks so much for your response. I’m still working on the project, trying to find an easy way to use Articulate in the way you show — multiple SCOs that launch with a simple click. It looks like renaming the buttons works in Docebo, but have you tried any other LMSs or platforms? I’d love to find a way to make this work with Moodle and/or Articulate Online.

    Do you know where the “adl.nav.request” call code would go? I’ll keep trying to figure it out…

    Thanks again!

    • daveperso says:

      Hi Sarah, Not sure about the code. I did try with Efront and with Moodle. I found issues with Moodle. The course did not complete correctly although it did allow you to move on correctly.

  5. Li says:

    Anyone tried this in SAP LSO? Does it work or are there problems as in Moodle?

  6. sarah says:

    Hi again, Dave,
    Thanks for the update about Moodle. I’m still working on this. wondering also if you’ve tried this with any slides that contain videos? In the multi-sco packages i’ve created, it seems to “rip out” any videos I have. (They were in QuizMaker slides.) I haven’t tried this with videos that are in Presenter or Engage.
    All the best,

  7. daveperso says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your mail. I tested video (SWF, FLV) in Engage, Quizmaker and Presenter with SSP uploaded to an LMS and had no problems. It sounds like this is more a problem with your server or LMS maybe? Did you test the quiz outside SSP? From my testing, I really don’t think the issue is with multiple SCOs.

    Best regards,

  8. Nicole says:

    I’m not sure if I missed something – but – how does this track the results of all the quizzes? or can it do that? Can you show the learner their final grade (of all the quizzes) at the end of the presentation?

    Do you need to use an LMS or can they sit on a website?


  9. Jesse Kramer says:


    I think this SSP sounds awsome. I’m hoping it’s exactly what I need for a project that’s coming up
    for me. I have a role based online classroom course on a peice of software that users are required
    to complete. In order to gain access to the system they have to take this training. W e want to
    convert this course to a series of e-learning modules as an alternative to live sessions. I’d like to
    present learners with a menu of options for them to complete short sections in what ever order
    they want. When they complete a section it gets checked off. I’d like to have a visual check mark so they can see thier progress. When users complete all the sections they have completed the course are granted access to the system. I don’t necessarily want the sections to contain quizes although this is an open issue. Assuming I’ve explained this correctly does what I want to do sound like something that is acheivable with the SSP software?

    Jesse Kramer

    • daveperso says:

      Hi Jesse, Thanks for your question. My initial reaction is to say that you don’t necessarily need SSP but you will need an appropriate LMS. In the example I put together, I used the Docebo LMS which allowed me to restrict access to certain courses, or only give a certificate on the completion of a course. SSP allows you to put different trackable elements into the same SCORM file so you can be sure that all those different elements are completed when the SCORM is showing as completed. SSP will not work without an adequate LMS behind it so you’ll need to look at that side too. Hope that helps a little. Regards,

      • Jesse Kramer says:

        We do have an LMS, SumTotal. My plan is to have user navigate the selections from within
        the course itslef. The completion criteria would be number of slides viewed. Users would choose what what they want to view by selecting it from the menu in the course. You can view a sample of what I’m talking about via this link. http://jkmind0.tripod.com/eTMF/navigation/player.html I would make the individual links point to sections of the course. I hope this clarifies what I’m talking about. I’m only just getting access as an administrator to the LMS so I haven’t yet explored this there.


  10. gyo says:

    hi Dave, another quality post. The way in which your modules automatically continue from one to the next after pressing continue… is that a function of your LMS or otherwise?

    • daveperso says:

      Hi Gav, This was a function of the LMS but I think you’ll find that in most LMSs, comleting a SCO in a SCORM package will automatically lead to the next SCO. The Continue button in the presentations is actually a renamed Exit button (via Player Templates -> Text Labels), so I am just telling Presenter to close the presentation and this is telling the LMS the SCO is finished. Hope that helps.

      • gyo says:

        hi Dave. thanks yeah I understood your change of the continue button to read ‘exit’.
        Re the package: unfortunately I tried mine in both SCORM Cloud and Moodle and the auto continue didnt work. If you have any comments or experience otherwise please advise, appreciated.
        ps. any chance you could email me when you reply, otherwise I have to come back and check your blog whenever i remember.

        • Susan says:

          Hi Dave… this is exactly the issue I am running into. I would love to see what you and Gav came up with. :) Thanks! Susan

  11. Rob DeSimone says:

    Hi Dave. Thanks for the very useful information. I’ve tried to implement this on another LMS. Published everything at SCORM 20004 Rev 2. Bundled them using JCA SCORM Packager. Uploaded them and the three presentations are not showing up. There’s no linkage between the three either. Am I missing something?

    • daveperso says:

      Hi Rob, not sure. It worked fine for me in my testing. I presume you have checked with your LMS on what SCORMs are accepted. Can you check on another LMS like Moodle to see if it works there? What happens if you publish to Scorm 1.2?

  12. Susan says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for this demonstration!! It is very much appreciated. Did you have to add any coding to the individual scorm packages within articulate? Also, in my LMS (sumtotal) the continue botton does not work. It simply closes the module, but the navigation to the next module does not occur. Any ideas on how to get the navigation between lessons to work?


  13. Bob Wilcox says:

    I have a course construction that is entirely in HTML and JavaScript that plays on an iPad. Will this SCORM tool be able to package this course with a quiz score so I can use it in my SCORM 1.2 LMS?

  14. Prashant says:

    I am trying to use SSP for getting package of 4 articulate LMS output. When I upload the output of SSP on my SAP LSO it is showing only last articulate module. What can be reason. Why I am not able to see all four modules in desired sequence?

  15. Diane Blake says:

    I was wondering how i can track and pre and post test in a course because it is critical we see improvment.
    Could you do this process in different areas of course? any help would be great
    I have studio 09 – does the newer version support tracking multiple quizzes?

  16. Gordon Harding says:

    I got to this page because I want to create a bilingual course with a French and English quiz. With Articulate you have to select which quiz reports. This appears to allow me to have multiple quizes reporting to the LMS. However, I only want one of the two quizes to report.

    Can I use this packager to accomplish that?


    • Mike Troutman says:

      I would like to accomplish this as well. If the reporting is summend then we may have to reduce the pass rate to 50% because one test is used and not the other. In this scenario the score would not be reflective of the actual unless we set it to pass fail with no number. lets see what comes back

    • daveperso says:

      Hi Gordon, Yes I would imagine so. You would need to incorporate some branching which would lead the student to the appropriate quiz and then that quiz would report to the LMS. But each quiz would be a separate SCO (element) in your LMS. Your LMS should handle going from one element to another but you’ll need to give it a try. Another idea you might want to explore is to have both the English and French questions in the same Quizmaker quiz and branch the user to the appropriate questions according to their choice of language. You’d have to check how the scoring would work with the LMS.

  17. Perry says:

    Hi Dave,

    Am new to quiz maker, your report is what I am after but I have one problem.
    I have multiple quizes within a presentation with one result slide at the end, when I use your report it only prints the questions and answers for the last quiz. Is there any way that it can print the questions and answers for all the quizzes?


    • daveperso says:

      Hi Perry, As far as I can see, there isn’t, at least not an easy way. Studio ’09 is limited to only reporting one quiz per presentation and the same goes with printed reports. I can only suggest grouping all your quizzes into a single quiz, or have one quiz per presentation, and have multiple reports.

  18. Stephan says:

    Thank you for sharing, this is Very helpful. I did notice that you created a similar SCO pkg for your moodle test site http://www.mediaenglish.com/lms/course/, can you tell me if the moodle tracking works? It didn’t seem to as all the boxes beside the menu titles remained blank despite multiple attempts. Also the previous/continue buttons on the LEFT top side of the screen ( above the titles with the tracking boxes) worked faster and more seamlessly then the two step ‘continue’ at the top right of the player. Any way of removing the extra control button and using the single click continue?
    Lastly is this same process possible with Articulate Storyline? ( packaging multiple SCO and tracking in Moodle)
    Your direction is most appreciated.
    Thanking you in advance

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  20. Jaime Campo says:

    My company uses Articulate Studio 13, and we have a desire to have a pre and post test within one course. Essentially, want to launch a training course and have the user complete a pre-test. If they pass, the user would not be required to complete the course or take the final quiz. Their pre-test results, would register as completion of the course.

    If they fail however, they would be required to proceed through the rest of the slide deck and take the final quiz. They would have to pass the final quiz to receive credit for the course.

    The issue we have is that Articulate currently can not track more than one quiz in a course. Would this tool solve our issue? Would we be able to 1). secuire BOTH the pre and post test results; 2). Consider the course complete if they pass the pre-test; and 3). require the user to complete the full course and final quiz, if they fail the pre-test?

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