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    Tablets, tablets, tablets…


    So the holidays have come and gone and you might have been lucky enough to receive a tablet. But what is the deal with these tablets and Articulate? I thought I’d check out what was on offer and which were the most Articulate-friendly.

    The iPad, Apple and Flash

    When you think of tablets, you probably think of the iPad, the Apple device that was first released in the US in April 2010 and later in Europe in May. While the iPad truly is a great piece of engineering, it has some serious limitations, not least of which is its non-compatibility with Flash. Flash can work fine on the iPad, but Apple policy prevents users from installing it on the operating system. For Articulate designers and users, that is a serious handicap as it means we simply can’t view any Articulate presentation because Articulate needs Flash.

    New Tablets from Samsung, Archos, Toshiba, Dell and Blackberry

    Fortunately there are other devices on the market which are Articulate compatible including the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the new Archos tablet series including the Archos 101, the Toshiba Folio, the Dell Streak, and the Blackberry.

    A Presentation about tablets for the tablet

    I took a look at those 5 tablets and you can read my findings in the presentation below. If you have a Flash-enabled tablet, try viewing in the presentation on that by clicking on this link. It has been written in Articulate Presenter with the White No-Controls skin provided by Tony Lowe which you can read about here. The layout has been deliberately simplified with largish buttons for easy navigation on a handheld device. There is also a little quiz at the end to show how you can make it more mobile-friendly.

    View the presentation in full screen or on your Flash-enabled mobile device


    Viewing Articulate On A Tablet

    To show you what it is like to view Articulate on a tablet, here is a video of me viewing the presentation above on an Archos 101.

    Click on CC in the player to see subtitles in English. You’ll need to start playing the video first.



  • As mentioned, not all models are available in the US. The Toshiba Folio, for example, is only available in Europe (Jan 2011).
  • If you want to see Flash running on an iPad, check out this video which shows you how to install Flash/Frash on a jailbreaked iPad. Warning: this is really geeky but it appears to work.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Dan Rollins says:

    Great article Dave! I keep hearing all this buzz about the new Nook Color, that it can be “rooted” to turn it into a pretty powerful Android Tablet, I wonder if Articulate would work on that? Anyone have one to try?


  2. Kevin says:

    I’ve been thinking about jailbreaking my iPad, but its only a couple months old. If it blows up, it’s just an excuse to get the iPad v2 and/or another one, right?

    Thanks for the reviews Dave – good stuff!

  3. onEnterFrame says:

    Great article! Very nice coverage of the options.

    There have been a few attempts to get Articulate to the iPad. My own solution loses the animations but does allow iPad users to see and hear the content (LMS friendly too) http://elearningenhanced.com/products/html-articulate-player

    Articulate looks/works well on my Android phone and my GoogleTV (which runs Android) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCG0VeLqp2w

    @Kevin I jailbroke my iPad for Flash. Articulate looked nice on it. I decided to un-Jailbreak due to some issues with Netflix. It was very easy to undo. And it turns out it had nothing to do with my Netflix problem. So I plan on re-JailBreaking soon.

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