Summary: To embed a simple multiple-file Camtasia Quiz into Engage, you need to manually transfer the Camtasia published output into the root level of your Engage output.

Difficulty: Medium

A question in one of the recent comments on this blog (thanks Raju!) has led me to write this short piece on how to embed those Camtasia Flash quizzes into Engage. The process is actually the same as embedding any Camtasia multiple file output into Engage. There is actually a Knowledge Base article on this on the Articulate site which gives some detail about which files to copy etc but the process is quite simple.

1. Create your Camtasia Quiz and publish it. Your files will look something like this:

Camtasia Quiz Published Files

2. Create an Media Tour interaction in Engage.

3. Remove the caption and use the “Change Media function” to select the controller SWF file in your Camtasia published files.

Select the Controller SWF

4. Publish your Engage interaction to the WEB.

5. Copy all of the Camtasia published files (you can leave out the controller SWF if you like since it has already been imported) and paste them at the SAME level as the engage.swf and the engage.html files (NOT in the engage_content folder) so your Engage project folder looks like this:

Engage Project folder with Camtasia published files

6. View your Engage interaction by double-clicking Engage.html.

Here is the example used to make the screenshots above:

View example

Notice that there is no loader for the Camtasia quiz so you might want to add an extra step in your Engage interaction BEFORE the quiz, asking your users to wait a moment before the quiz loads.

This is to view standalone Engage interactions. If you want to import Camtasia into Engage and then import that in Presenter, then the procedure and the file locations are slightly different and will be the subject of another post.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Hi Dave,

    Can this also be achieved by selecting and Engage process interaction instead of a Media tour interaction. I am looking to embed a quiz within a slide. I don’t want the quiz to open in another window. So is it possible or is there another solution you may know.


  2. daveperso says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, you should be able to insert a Camtasia quiz into any interaction type.

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